Timberweld Mechanical Joints

We at Affordable Windows are pleased to announce our recent agreement to produce the Timberlook Heritage Flush Casement Window under the Timberweld Licence.

This method of manufacture provides the strength of a modern, fully welded window, with the traditional ‘butt joint’ appearance that both consumers and Conservation Officers require – it is one of the ways that we give uPVC windows an authentic appearance.

Along with the obvious aesthetic benefits of the window system, the patented Timberweld method allows frames to be delivered with separate glass units. Installers can more safely handle and fit larger windows, especially on first and second floors! It also completely negates the need to ‘bond’ the glass in with silicone – dramatically reducing the cost of remedial works and the replacement of any failed units.

Our Heritage Flush Sash Windows, manufactured using Timberweld technology, will be on display at the Fabricator and Installer (FIT) show from May 21st to 23rd – at the Birmingham NEC, on the Masterframe & Timberweld stand.