uPVC Wooden Window Design: Elegant & Timeless Options

When it comes to designing heritage windows that are fit for modern living, attention to detail is everything.

With the traditional aesthetics of wooden window design making a resurgence in the home improvement sector, many are turning to uPVC timber-effect windows for their affordability, thermal efficiency and security.

However, some heritage-style windows are more authentic than others.

Although there are plenty of wood-effect uPVC flush sash products on the market, we’ve crafted one of the most authentic heritage styles possible and included a range of customisable design options for homeowners. That is the Timberlook difference!

Flush Sash windows in light green installed on a house

Heritage uPVC flush sash casement style

Taking cues from traditional wooden window design, we spend over a year developing Timberlook to ensure that our uPVC flush sash casement windows look the part.

Our windows are made with a sash that sits flush to the frame, a style which harks back to decades past.

This flush exterior finish replicates the timeless style of heritage casement wooden window designs, while our range of opening and closing configurations still allows for plenty of customisation for a modern homeowner.

Traditional timber joints in a uPVC frame

The manufacturing process of most uPVC windows leaves behind a telltale diagonal join on the window frame that can detract from the traditional look. Using Timberweld technology, our heritage windows contain a horizontal join instead, replicating mortise and tenon joints.

Cottage bars and astragal bars

We offer a range of additional options to enhance the look of your flush sash casement windows, such as transom weather bars, cottage bars and astragal bars.

These decorative features are ideal for those who want their windows to look picture-perfect and maintain a traditional aesthetic.

Cill options

As standard, our Timberlook windows come with a contemporary shallow cill that is common in most modern homes.

However, we also offer a Radlington cill. Deeper nosed and with a height of 55mm, the Radlington cill mimics those found on traditional designs. It is this attention to detail that carefully disguises the appearance of modern uPVC, as this cill can make a Timberlook window virtually indistinguishable from real timber.

Heritage hardware

At Timberlook, we know that the smallest details make up the overall picture, and we took particular care and attention when designing the hardware for our windows.

With a distinctive curled ‘tail’ and charming traditional design, our monkeytail handle comes in two stunning textured finishes: Heritage Black and Pewter Patina. Alternatively, you might choose the peardrop handle, a slimmer but still stunning design.

Fully suited dummy-pegs can also be added to give the appearance of a genuine historic window.

The perfect range of colours and finishes

With a curated selection of colours and a variety of finishes, you can truly personalise your wooden window design to match your home’s aesthetic perfectly.

Our colour options range from bright Polar White to the very deepest Black Foil. We also offer more distinctive colours such as Chartwell Green and our new shade Pebble Grey. For those looking for the most authentic wooden window designs, we offer a range of wood-grain finishes to replicate the type of wood you’re looking for, such as the popular Irish Oak or Rosewood.

Heritage uPVC windows for modern living

As well as carefully crafting historic design details for our windows, we’ve also made it our mission to ensure that the Timberlook range can conform to modern Building Regulations.

Made from durable and thermally-efficient uPVC, our range offers outstanding thermal efficiency. Our windows can achieve U-values as low as 1.2 – this makes them an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to maintain comfortable temperatures in their home and reduce their energy bills.

Our range also comes with a carefully concealed trickle vent to meet modern ventilation requirements, ensuring its suitability for contemporary homes.

Wooden window design with the benefits of uPVC

At Timberlook, we offer the very best of wooden window design in a carefully crafted uPVC product. Offering style with thermal efficiency, affordability and durability, our flush sash range is a celebration of the past and the present.

To learn more about our products or to find one of our trusted expert installers, get in touch by calling us on 01253 888 222 or contacting us online.