What are the best Flush Sash Windows?

It comes as no surprise to learn that Timberlook tops our list! Why should you choose our windows over the others? There are a number of companies now producing flush casement windows, but they tend not to have the same authenticity and are also usually more expensive!


When you read or hear the words traditional windows or heritage flush sash, you probably think of painted wooden windows. Hand-crafted frames, with square-cut mortise and tenon joints. You would be almost right except that they don’t have to be made from wood any more! Our timber alternative windows are made to look exactly the same, except from modern energy efficient uPVC frames. Every feature has been designed to imitate original designs – right down to the corner joins of our mechanically jointed window frames.


Real wooden windows are incredibly time consuming to maintain. If you are replacing timber windows with like for like products, the costs can also soon add up. They are especially useful if you require new windows for conservation areas as Timberlook can be commonly accepted by local authority planning authorities if planning permission is required.


Why pick uPVC instead of Timber?

There is no denying that real wood is an appealing building material. New timber look uPVC looks almost indistinguishable from the real thing. What’s more, it is low in maintenance, without the need to keep repainting or treating it. uPVC frames won’t ever become welded shut with layers of old paint!  Our wood effect windows are easy to take care of and their efficiency is not affected like timber windows.

Timber window frames are also undoubtedly more expensive to buy than uPVC frames too. You are getting the best of both worlds with Timberlook. They are beautiful windows with traditional style, and excellent value for money. Frames are cheaper to buy, without the same ongoing costs as wooden frames.


So which are the best windows?

With a range of companies now producing flush windows, it might be hard to know what to choose. All we know is that Timberlook windows look the best inside and out. We believe that our windows have more unique features to set them apart from others ones. THe others might include windows such as residence collection r9 windows, or residence 7 windows. Windows are made using patented Timberweld joints, unlike other heritage flush sash collections like deceuninck or liniar windows.

Our frames are not welded, as with other windows, and are hand-made with the correct mechanical joints creating the most authentic timber alternative.


Better value for Money!

Whether you are buying new windows for a renovation or self-build, or you are a trade customer looking for a new supplier, you can rest assured that you are buying directly from the manufacturer and will get the best price. Timberlook is the most commercially viable and competitively priced flush casement system around. Contact us for a quote and see for yourself!

Save yourself time, money and extra work with our 70mm frame depth. It’s both easier and quicker to install, with no internal making good.

Timberlook windows will arrive with separate glass units, to site where required, and the glass is not bonded. This means that they are easier to handle and installations are safer and smoother. Potential remedial works cheaper to carry out later down the line.


Concluding thoughts.

Of course we are biased, as a uPVC timber look windows company – but there is a reason that we are making and shipping increasing numbers of Timberlook windows and flush french doors each and every week. They are almost entirely indistinguishable from real timber windows. Our Flush sash windows are surprisingly cost-effective, and we can deliver across the whole UK on our dedicated weekly routes.