The Great Debate: Traditional Style uPVC Windows vs Timber

For centuries, timber reigned without competition in the world of windows. That is, until aluminium windows grew in popularity in the 1960s and uPVC dominated the market in the 1980s, with both materials offering durability and low maintenance requirements.

But over the past few decades a middle ground has emerged – traditional style uPVC windows. These products, designed carefully to replicate the style of wooden windows, offer heritage style with the performance of modern materials.

Flush casement window

So which is best: traditional style uPVC windows or timber?

In the past, homeowners opting for uPVC windows often had to compromise on aesthetics. However, modern technology means that nowadays traditional style uPVC windows offer the best of both worlds: looks and performance.

Aesthetics: can modern materials capture the charm of traditional styles?

Timber is often one of the most expensive materials for windows, requiring constant upkeep across its lifespan to prevent problems such as rot or warping. Yet one of the reasons timber has enjoyed popularity in modern construction is aesthetics. No one can deny the charm of traditional wooden windows, and this is even more sought after by those who own older properties or heritage homes.

However, as stunning as real wood can be, these days uPVC technology has evolved and made it easy for homeowners to enjoy the aesthetics of timber with the performance of modern uPVC.

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Heritage style, modern performance

Thanks to advancements in technology, uPVC windows can now be made to authentically replicate traditional timber windows seen in historic properties. So how is this achieved?

At Timberlook, one of the ways we make our uPVC windows look like traditional heritage designs is by disguising the use of uPVC. We do this by incorporating a Timberweld join in the corners of the window frame during the manufacturing process. This type of weld mimics the appearance of traditional timber joinery techniques, making your windows look as if they are wooden.

Our windows are also made with a sash that sits flush with the frame (hence the name ‘flush sash’) – this type of design mirrors the way timber windows were made in past decades.

Finally, uPVC can nowadays be cleverly disguised as timber using woodgrain foils that replicate the texture and look of timber. At Timberlook, we offer classic woodgrain finishes such as Irish Oak and Rosewood. We also provide a wide range of colours which include the popular Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey and Painswick, not to mention our newest offering, Pebble Grey.

Product options for heritage aesthetics

Our Timberlook windows come complete with the finer details that create a traditional look – from dummy stay pegs and astragal bar options to thicker Radlington cills that mimic the appearance of heritage window cills.

Whether you own a historical property or are looking to bring the timeless charm of period style to your contemporary home, traditional style uPVC windows are a great option for modern homeowners.

Our range of hardware includes modern options alongside traditional handles such as peardrop and Monkey tail handles. When included, trickle vents are even carefully concealed  externally so as to not disrupt the image of heritage windows.

What are the benefits of choosing traditional style uPVC windows?

Why choose uPVC designed to look like timber when its possible to have the real thing? The answer is that there are many advantages to choosing a material like uPVC over wood.

uPVC is generally more affordable compared to wood, and timber effect windows made of uPVC are virtually maintenance free, requiring only an occasional quick wipe with soapy water.

Which material is more weatherproof?

While timber is weatherproof and thermally efficient, it requires treating and staining to help it stay that way. Without regular maintenance, timber windows can begin to warp or rot, meaning that your windows could leak and allow precious heat to escape.

Our low-maintenance Timberlook flush sash windows are crafted with the finest quality materials to provide exceptional thermal performance and durability to stand the test of time. Our window styles boast U-Values as low as 1.2, meaning that they slow the movement of warmth from your home to the outside. This helps you maintain comfortable temperatures in your home but also means that you don’t have to spend as much on your heating bills!

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