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Conservation approved solutions

Make your next installation conservation compliant with Timberlook windows and doors

Our Timberlook windows and doors are precision-crafted to replicate the look of traditional 19th-century timber windows. Specifically designed to meet planning permission conditions for use in conservation areas, our Timberlook flush sash windows are highly sought after for their attention to detail, including features like the cill and trickle ventilation.

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Our Timberlook windows and doors are perfect for use in conservation areas and permitted development areas, and are often approved by local planning authority regulations as they expertly mimic traditional wooden windows – helping maintain a pastoral image for all stunning natural landscapes.  

  • Designed to replicate the look of traditional timber windows without the maintenance  
  • Concealed trickle vents, maintaining the heritage aesthetic  
  • Huge range of standard, dual-colour and woodgrain effects   
  • Innovative ‘Timberweld’ technology, no tell-tale diagonal welds   
  • Features an authentic mortise and tenon joint   
  • Made from uPVC which offers long-lasting durability   

Approved solutions

Timberlook windows and doors expertly blend modern performance with classic aesthetics, and preserve historical charm while offering energy efficiency and durability. Our Timberlook flush casement windows have been used to satisfy planning officers and have been used as new windows in conservation areas.

A number of projects have been accepted by Cotswold Council, where the local authority commented: “…[Timberlook] uPVC units have been accepted as a variation on Condition 11, they are considered to successfully mimic traditional flush casements, and care has been taken over details such as the sill and trickle ventilation…”
– Heritage Officer, Cotswold Council

For window replacements in listed buildings, we understand that getting timber alternative windows approved is no mean feat. At Timberlook, we have the skills and resources to assist you in gaining approval should you require.

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Commitment to excellence

How it's made

With nearly six years of dedicated expertise, our commitment to crafting Timberlook flush sash windows has transformed our operations – what began in a small corner of our factory has now grown to occupy almost half of our facility, showcasing our commitment to excellence. A team of 40 skilled manufacturers are solely dedicated to the production of Timberlook flush sash windows, and have delivered over 65,000 products since January 2018.