The Traditional Window Cill

Timberlook Flush Sash windows look amazing with the contemporary shallow cill that comes as standard.
We feel, however, that The Radlington Cill is one accessory that you simply must consider adding!

Replicate Flush Casement Windows

Old imperial bricks varied in height while metric bricks measure 65mm. Old timber cills were deep and often aligned with a course of bricks. The Radlington Cill, at 55mm, is a modern interpretation that allows for packing expansion, baypole jacks, and irregular mortar.


When replacing traditional timber windows, installation becomes easier and the result more authentic. The Radlington Cill also helps create that traditional and character look in a new build property.

Flush sash windows


radlington cill dimensions

The Radlington Cill is a deeper nosed cill at a height of 55mm. It is a modern interpretation of the sort of timber cill found on older traditional wooden windows and is a superior aesthetic upgrade to the standard cill that is supplied as standard.


By choosing to add the Radlington Cill, your windows will look as authentic as possible and really stand out!


radlington cill