Traditional Window & Door Handles

Timberlook flush sash windows come with contemporary handles as standard but can be enhanced with our Premium Regency Furniture. This range currently includes the Peardrop and Monkey-tail handles, as well as matching dummy stays – each design is available in either an antique black or pewter finish, imitating original ironmongery.


They have built-in security features like key-locking handles, sash locks, and child safety restrictors. Our furniture options further enhance the period looks, authentic frame proportions, and chamfered edges that replicate putty lines.

Standard Handles

Timberlook windows and doors are supplied with modern handles as standard – they are available in a selection of popular finishes:



Premium Regency Handles

For a more traditional look and feel, ask your Timberlook specialist to add some of our traditional Monkeytail and Peardrop handles. These optional extras, not included as standard, feature timeless designs that perfectly complement the Timberlook Heritage Flush Sash system. They also provide all the benefits you would expect from modern, high-security hardware that is easy to use. Learn more, below:

The Monkeytail

The distinctive curly shape adds instant character and charm to both heritage and contemporary projects.

  • Optional Extra
  • Overall Length: 149mm
  • Handle Length: 129mm
  • Fixing Plate Size: 57x18x13mm
  • Espagnolette Gearbox and Lock

The Peardrop

This timeless design is suitable for a range of settings. Easy to use handles with beautiful period proportions.

  • Optional Extra
  • Overall Length: 150mm
  • Handle Length: 130mm
  • Fixing Plate Size: 57x1x13mm
  • Espagnolette Gearbox & Lock


Authentic finishes

Both the Monkeytail and Peardrop handles are available in two beautiful, textured finishes. Heritage Black emulates the classic look of antique, hand-forged ironmongery, while Pewter Patina provides a lighter option.


Matching Accessories

Matching dummy peg-stays can be attached to complete the look.

They do not function as a peg stay normally would but give modern windows the appearance that they are much older.





Intelligent Designs

Handles come with edge-to-edge, push-fit screw covers that have an authentic, clocked screw design. Windows open and close with a push button, and a stylish rosette key is included to operate the dead lock.