The Real Timber Alternative

Timberlook flush casement windows are created using Timberweld – a patented mechanical jointing method for the corners of PVCu window frames. We can create the most authentic timber butt joint effects, without sacrificing on performance.


Not only are Timberlook the most authentic looking timber alternative windows on the market, but our windows and doors are the most commercially-viable. So convincing are these joints, that they have been accepted by local authorities for use in conservation areas


Don’t accept anything less than the traditional designs of wood-foiled and butt-jointed windows.

Timberweld joints (on the right), with the mortise & tenon looks, have no open ends that affect their performance.


You can now have the character look you want from a thermally efficient and secure window. uPVC frames with wood effect foils and colours are creating windows with the real appearance of a timber butt joint.


Timberweld is a new method of corner construction that strikes the perfect balance of aesthetics and technology. Edges can be completely sealed whilst also presenting the appearance of a traditional wooden window joint.


This video shows a typical open-ended butt joint.


The performance of a window is dependent on air and water not passing through it, so if a handkerchief can be pulled through the gaps… so can air, water and insects!


When you compare these mechanical joints in the video, with the patented Timberweld joints – the choice of Timberlook windows is clear.